week 1 of school

Its my final semester and its week one. Slowly counting down to the time where I’ll be free of exams, tutorials, lectures etc. Everyone tells me I’ll hate work and love studying. I have no idea how the future is going to be, but I’m sure God has his plans for me.

Yesterday, 2 things rattled me and I haven’t been in the right state of mind. I was terribly off form, esp towards the end of the class. Coupled that with tiredness, I was just a wrecked case. Usually I have a humongous appetite but for some reason, my meals are now 1/2 untouched. I wasn’t even tempted by Calbee Seaweed chips.

On a brighter note, I have been to two awesome food places.

1. Black Angus at NUS Law Campus where I shared a platter, had baby pork ribs and soup. I was really lucky because the meal was free, courtesy of vouchers I koped from my parents.  I liked my baby back ribs as the meat was really easy to slice from the bones and it melts in your mouth. The serving was a bit too small. The lunch set is value for money, think its about $20+ you get a soup, salad, main course and dessert. Considering its quite an atas and classy place in a deserted area, I think the price is worth the food.

Steak with sides: garlic mash + veggies

Platter that consists of: cold shrimps, baked potato skins, fried chicken and fried mushrooms
My Baby Back ribs

2. La Nonna at Holland Village. They have a 50% discount during lunchtime and its damn worth it. I had pasta with REAL crab & lobster meat wrapped in it. Kind of like pasta dumplings. And thin pizza – eggs, ham & black truffle. It was the bomb man. I think I wolfed down the food before even having the chance to snap the pictures. Its a must go again. The bill cost $20 after a 50% discount for 2.

3. Noble House at Raffles Place. I went there for buffet with another 3 of my friends. You need a minimum of 4 person for the buffet as each dish is set for 4. The cuisine is mostly Chinese but they have some Japanese dishes peppered in like raw salmon. There was this crab dish atop steamed egg which was good.  The roast meats are nothing like Malaysia or Hong Kong but it satisfies the craving. My gripe is that they tend to serve dishes a bit like stir fry and cze char, the scallops are hidden in the veggies.

dishes from noble house: roast meats, cereal soft shell crab, peking duck, raw salmon

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