lao ban tau huay spin-offs

8 Days had published twice about Lao Ban tau huay and judging from my site stats, I have been getting pinged a lot about Lao Ban tau huay. Although I’m not a hard core tau huay fan, but I like to buy all the spin offs of lao ban to see if it tastes the same. So here’s my two cents worth:

1. 51 tau huay at old airport road

It has the closest taste to lao ban but it’s much sweeter and more likely to induce a sore throat. Lao ban keeps for a longer time as compared to 51. It has a tendency to curdle after just a day and it starts to melt, despite being stored in the fridge.

2. Some tau huay store at marine parade, its opp the pet store.

Except for the no syrup part, it doesn’t even taste like lao ban at all. The taste is more bland, the tau huay is not as smooth as lao ban’s.

3. Tau huay store at Hong Lim Complex

I had the soya milk, which tastes like lao ban soya milk thats why I bought the tau huay. However, the tau huay was a disappointment. The texture was not smooth enough and it doesn’t melt in your mouth. Nonetheless, the taste was similar to that of lao ban.

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