Work life transition

It’s my 4th week at work and I must say… it was not an easy transition.

1. Hours: I used to keep very late hours – waking up late and sleeping late. The joys of a student/hostelite/unemployed. It was tough at the beginning to wake up at 7.30am, go for rehearsal, reach home past midnight to start the whole cycle again. It takes a while to adjust… and I’m still trying to adjust. I feel super lazy now because I haven’t gone for dance classes for some time, which I promise myself I will… really soon.

I can come home and fall asleep at 7pm and not wake until the next day. That’s how tired I am.

2. Being SUPER conscientious: I’m not the most detailed person ever. Saving files with the exact same format – where the spaces are screws my eyes upside now.

3. Chinese language: I haven’t been in touch with Chinese language for the longest time. Coming from a Chinese speaking family – conversational Chinese still comes pretty easily to me. But characters, passages and newspapers, these are the killers. I think these 4 weeks at work, I’ve somewhat improved but I still have a long way to go and a super high standard to meet.

4. A change of wardrobe: No more tees, no more berms and no more (or rather less) sneakers. Okay, this gives me an excuse to shop.

5. Trying to meet a high quality standard of work: Receiving pay = producing a certain standard and quality of work. My friends keep telling me not to put so much pressure and stress on myself but I really can’t help it.

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