Sumo Wrestler Hotpot

Just a few weeks ago, I was wondering if Soup Spoon rotates its menu on a yearly basis because last year around this period, I was hooked on the Soup Spoon.

A year ago in August, I wrote about the Sumo Nabe Hotpot that I had at Soup Spoon.

Just a week ago, I found Sumo Wrestler Hotpot in Soup Broth Asia, the asian counterpart to Soup Spoon. The Sumo Wrestler Hotpot was the Chef’s Special so I suppose the menu will be rotated soon enough since Chef’s Specials are usually rotated on a two-weekly basis.

The soup tasted just as how I remembered it was last year. What a reminiscence.

Sumo Wrestler Hotpot

Since Soup Spoon is the ang moh cousin who serves bread rolls, Soup Broth Asia naturally serves rice with their soups. The serving was pretty small but I was filled by the large amounts of ingredients that came with my soup.

Full of ingredients!

I took sneaky looks at the other patrons’ soups and I think only this particular soup had that much ingredients. I didn’t really liked having an egg added to my soup as well but I still enjoyed the soup. It was full of things that I loved – cabbage, marinated chicken, mushrooms and carrots.

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