Swap-bot.com: Favourite Candy Swap September

I’m a bit of an online freak and I trawl the web frequently. Combine this with a love for candy, I found this online swap community called Swap-bot.com. Users on the community swap all kinds of stuff online – be it crafts, food, recipes or even letters. Some swaps also do email exchanges.

Basically, you register an account for free and you start to find swaps according to what you like. You’ll send stuff according to the rules of the swap to the partner(s) allocated to you at random. In return, you’ll receive something from another user in the swap. It’s pretty exciting for me to wait for a package to come. After each swap, you rate your partners and coordinator, simple and easy.

Do note that this community is pretty strict on “flakers”, users who join a swap but do not send anything. You’ll find yourself with a bad rating which means it’ll be super duper hard for you to join swaps in the future. Do read through the FAQ thorough.

My first swap was the Favourite Candy Swap – September where I had to send your favourite candies worth 2USD(about SGD2.50) to two partners. I forgot to snap a photo of what I sent but I guess I won’t be doing it because I think I’ll be recycling the items for my swap in November.

Here’s the first package that I received from my partner who’s based in USA. I’ve already had two Zotz orange candies:

I think it’s really exciting to receive a package from overseas with stuff that you don’t typically get to find in Singapore. Also, I guess majority of the users are based in United States so Singaporeans are the minority – which is good for me. I’m still awaiting my second package as each user was allocated two partners.

The whole process was simple enough: I bought the candies at a supermarket, headed to a post office and requested for a padded envelope, stuffed it and sent. It took me… about 30 minutes in total.

I’ve already joined the October swap and am looking forward to it!

Update 1: I’ve opened up the gummies pack to try. Here’s a quick review, courtesy of a  few colleagues:

  • It isn’t too sweet nor as artificial taste as I thought it would be.
  • It breaks down pretty fast
  • Like the texture of it – chewy but doesn’t stick to the teeth.


  1. yknowwho

    October 8, 2012 at 3:29 am

    oh nomz! isnt your postage more than the cost of the sweets haha.
    but YAYY new posts, keep it up!
    xx youknowwho

    1. meowsyy

      October 8, 2012 at 10:02 am

      Hello! Yes postage cost > the sweets itself but everything was about $10 or below I vaguely remember.

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