Restaurant Week: The Tastings Room

Restaurant Week¬†happens usually twice a year in March and October. The more expensive restaurants offer 3-course lunches/dinners at a more affordable price. I usually don’t wine and dine like this but Restaurant Week is a perfect excuse to indulge. We went to The Tastings Room at Marina Square.

Was the meal good? Hmm, not fantastic but the company was good. It was such a good weekend for me because it was filled with people I love, and food.. that was better than my usual fare I suppose. I promised myself after the concert, I would hang out with my friends more, out of dance classes, out of dance wear. It was so good to chat over a meal.

Here’s a photo log of our night. Photos graciously taken by my friend Roger again. He’s soon becoming the in-house blog photographer.

Our Restaurant week adventure started here
The restaurant was very dimly lighted

Decadently decorated
And more balls… of lighting
We requested for a private space because the boys can get really rowdy… like primary school kids during recess breaks. This is good for eight people.
Here’s all of us, smiling nicely.
Here’s a contest for most expressive face: take 1
Take 2
Take 3: Jason wins with going toilet pose
The food came and we settled down
Truffle fries – $12.90 on menu
Roasted tomato soup (not on menu)
Aspiring food photographers
Everyone shot me weird looks because I asked for a straw for my apple cider
Wagyu beef cheeks – $32.90 on menu
It came with mashed potatoes and pears
Duck confit was way too dry
Desserts and my friend Ne Win Jason who is prolly busy texting girlfriend.
Tiramisu – 11.90 on menu
Gateau Au Fromage otherwise known as cheesecake – 11.90 on menu
The October babies. And yes, it’s a deliberate one eye big, one eye small picture.


  1. shu (@shupoo_)

    October 23, 2012 at 12:09 am

    yes awesomepossum company <3 we need to do this some other time again!

  2. Soon-to-be-in-house-blog-photographer

    October 23, 2012 at 12:25 am

    Lovely company indeed!

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