Penang food: Gurney Drive hawker centre

Gurney Drive hawker centre is quite big ┬ábut after walking around, you realise that there isn’t much varieties of food. They’re mostly repeated stalls selling the same kind of food.

The thing that annoys me about hawker centres in Malaysia is that specific tables are “claimed” by drinks stalls. Hence, the moment you sit down, they’ll be around you like flies until you order a drink. So if you’re sitting at a table near a drink stall selling juices, you gotta buy a juice instead of that Teh peng you are craving.

Also, could hardly find a decent dish of vegetables around although tow gay (beansprouts) were used in plenty of dishes.

Price wise, its about 5RM per dish which is slightly cheaper than Singapore’s prices. We had the best char kway teow in Penang at Gurney Drive.

Gurney Drive hawker centre is al fresco
Pick the seafood that you want
Poh piah or kueh pie tee

Plenty of this type of stall around – I think this is Indian rojak
Satay grilling
Maybe not…
Didn’t turn out burnt
Grilled cuttlefish was good. I haven’t seen it sold this way in Singapore before.
The best char kway teow we had during the whole of our stay
We wanted to head back for a second serving but the queue was too long
Check out the queue

Gurney Drive Hawker Center
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Opening hours: 6.30pm onwards

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  1. jazreell

    January 1, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    i’l be there next year!!! time to think of a new location to explore! wheeee! =D

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