Penang food: New Lane

Last Penang food post yay! I’m slowly bit surely, clearing my Penang (September) posts which leaves… some Bangkok and Costa Cruise posts to clear from last year’s travels.

So on our last night, we were looking for somewhere to eat before we finally roll home on our fat tummies.

This is New Lane
In the morning, breakfast is served (I think) and in the evening, dinner
No idea what happens in the afternoon, probably, it’s too hot to work. A lot of locals stop here on their way back to pack food home.

Like most hawker food in Penang, not exactly healthy but the food were affordable (not necessarily cheap) and good. We also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be much vegetable-based dishes. I was dying for some fibre.

Assam laksa
Beef noodles – one of the best I’ve had for sure
Char Kway Teow with duck eggs and seafood, the duck eggs make this dish saltier as compared to chicken eggs
Wanton Mee which was unmemorable
What happened to Roger’s hair?
Ah balling in ginger soup
Osmanthus jelly which paled in comparison to the one I had in Hong Kong

New Lane Hawker Street
Lorong Baru (New Lane),
Off Macalister Road, Georgetown
10040 Penang
Next to Sunway Hotel, Penang
Opens from 5 – 11pm


  1. Wong Pow Long (@WongPowLong)

    March 6, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Hi, New lane hawker center is definitely a great choice for Penang hawker food. I like the Moi there, which only found in there in Penang.

  2. shu

    March 11, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    This is making me hungry!!

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