Occasions you see everybody

A colleague recently said something that rang true, “No one ever writes about their lives.” Jo, here’s an entry for you.

And so, this entry is dedicated to something directly pertinent to my life. I heard this saying somewhere before. The only few times you get to see everyone together is at weddings or funerals which is totally true.

A primary school mate passed on when I was in year two in NUS, that’s, when I was age 20. Clifford had brain cancer and he kept the chemo sessions a secret. Understandably, I doubt this is anything I will want to tell either.  It wasn’t the happiest occasion but it was a comforting sight to see everybody together sharing our favourite memories of Clifford. We had some great laughs about the stupid things we do in primary school. I caught up with a few long lost friends and even got invited to an officer’s ball.

I sincerely doubt that all of us would have caught up otherwise.  I know that two of my primary school friends got together after that. There were many supper and mahjong dates that followed. Even now, I still keep in touch with them.

I like to think this is Clifford’s blessing to us.

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