Best years of my life

Has gotta be the university years.

It was so liberating to stay on campus away from home. Not to sound like an ingrate but I enjoyed staying away from home and having so much privacy and space to myself. It sounds really silly but when I first moved onto campus, I was kinda homesick and kept heading home and skipping orientation.

Then I discovered dance on campus and…oh well, heading home seems to be the last thing on my mind. What a turnaround.

Sometimes, I’ll make Dadster pick me up and send me back again so that I can bring my a certain pillow/blanket home. This is something Dadster has been using as leverage to make me run errands/bake sweets for him. It’s been two years since I graduated… I really should put a stop to his guilt tripping soon.

I think I’ll be doing a post on some quirks on living on campus – those were some of the best years of my life. And also, probably also the period that my heart got trodden on badly too.

But those memories are what makes me who I am today.

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