Punny affairs in office

I’ve got a lovable desk neighbour at work.

N is a design intern who’s been with us since early this year. At first sight and her introductory mail (our office policy is that every newcomer has to send an introductory mail about himself/herself when they first joined) you’ll think that she’s kind of a wild child. She has permed hair, dresses funky, cool image, a couple of tattoos and used to work for fashion shows.

Like everyone else, she started out quiet but now, I’m happy to share that she has opened up to the pod and yaks my ear off. No I’m just kidding, but she has such puns that I have to share.

SY: Why don’t you pick up the ukulele and join me at jamming! (Forever looking for someone to join me at jams btw)
N: Uku leave me out of this (You can leave me out of this)

SY: Can I have a McNuggets meal with the new Yuzu drink?
N: Yuzu drink more

SY: Oh, it’s so quiet without Curren (an ex-colleague of ours)
N: It’s Curren-ly so quiet here. So how are you keeping up with Curren affairs?

N:Do you know what Curren pays with?
SY: No what?
N: Curren-cy duh.

N: Oh you know Jes (our other colleague)? She Jes left in time for lunch.

N: When S went to Dubai she forgot Dubai back indian snacks for us!

Did I mention that N can eat char kway teow three times a week and still stay size XS? The amount of food she inhales is probably more than our colleague who plays competitive rugby.

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