Because today is Good Friday (Jesus died for men), it also seems apt to start giving my thanks to my favourite things within NUS:

1. NUS the school: For without you, there would be no 3 years of most memorable academic years. Although you are hateful in certain ways (the horrible amount of stairs, taking away thai food in Upper Deck and not letting me SU modules from my home faculty), I am still grateful for these 3 years of  “vibrant undergraduate life” as they always like to tell prospective undergraduates.

2. My favorite food stalls in NUS which includes (a must try if you stumble upon this, NUS freshmen) :

Arts canteen: Laksa Niang Tau Foo from arts canteen, the cheesecake & mocha drink from arts canteen drinks stall, mango milkshake from arts fruit juice stall

Engine canteen: indian food, Indonesian Panggang/ ayam penyet and the japanese/western fusion stall’s salmon seaweed cream pasta

Science canteen: the chinese soup stall and shui jiao mian, BBQ chicken sandwich from Megabites Cafe

Business canteen: you suck except for the banana/walnut muffin from western stall

3. NUS Dance Blast: Thank you for taking away my CAP 5. Okay it’s not very true because I have known of dancers with almost perfect CAP (not very common but yes) and with  prestigious degrees e.g. the 5 lawyers i know and an alumnus who’s a doctor. Thank you for all the concert memories, the chance to dance under/with awesome dancers, the dance lobangs for that bit of pocket money and most importantly, for reigniting the love for hip hop as well as the number of friends I have made whom I do hope that I will keep. My favourite-est concert memory has to be EMCC 2010 and SUAD 2011. I can’t decide which.

4. Raffles Hall: Although I am an ultimate slacker and sometimes a phantom who manages to get by with slack activities, I am still grateful to Hall for giving me a home away from home. How cliche but how true. And also, without hall, I wouldn’t have done so many things nor met my love(s). Without Hall, there would be no warm bed for naps or a quick retreat after tiring dance rehearsals.  Although I don’t have a lot of friends in hall and I lead a sad hermit life in my room, I am still glad I got lured in here instead of PGP.  Thank you hall for teaching me that to do chores such as mopping the floor and understanding that washing clothes are a bitch so I learn how to treasure my maid more and be nice to her. Also for the sun scorching, thick make up and gaudy costumes of Rag day where I dance with/on a float made out of transformed rubbish but yet everyone treats me like a star.

5. RH Dance: I am grateful for RH Dance and all it has given me. I couldn’t have met better dancers for such a lousy choreographer like me. Also, for the opportunities it has given me to learn under dancers who are sincere in teaching and imparting knowledge to their juniors. I am glad I was able to stage My Almost Lover which took away some of the pain somehow – that was the peak of my RH Dance. I know I won’t be able to do such an item again, I don’t want to anyway. No more tears on stage.  I learnt how beautiful collaborations can be.

Other random things I’m happy for:

1. Free NUS co-op vouchers for the random contests joined

2. The many bazaars at central forum that sucked my money. and also the many freebies given at international fair/middle east fair/computer fair.

3. The vending machine that sells Heaven & Earth’s green tea for $1/bottle because Cheers sells it at $2/2 bottles which I usually cannot finish.

4. The New Paper at 50 cents from Science & Engin Canteen and Science Co-op.

5. Teh-cinno peng from Al ameen

6. Shit this has all become about food. Okay, modules that test topics after mid terms only. these are fantastic mods that do not kill my brains.

7. The fast broadband in my room at 1.0 Gbps. I will miss streaming videos at such a fast speed.

8. NUS being in an area that has a lot of buses so that i can come back late at night with no problem.

9.  giving me important people that mattered in my life.

10. for giving me the degree that will determine my career.

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