3rd paper

I’m going to sit for my 2nd last paper tomorrow. My academic journey is almost coming to an end.

My parents are abandoning us for 1 whole week to go Mauritius. I checked out the trip itinerary and water skiing and windsurfing are complimentary. Darn, just missed my chance.

I taught my dad to use youtube because he wants to search for the rally videos. I watched some of the videos too and I didn’t expect rallies to have such good turn out. It’s like a rock concert in the heartlands where people chant the candidate’s name. Ii think if the candidate throws himself/herself in the crowd, he/she will get carried like a rock star. Body surfing i think its called.

I have accumulated a lot of random/useless animal behaviour facts from my module.

Random fact of the day: birds eat their egg shells not because of calcium intake but to prevent predators from finding their chicks. Because egg shell debris = new chicks. However, there is a type of gull that doesn’t do that because within the species, cannibalism occurs and the neigbours may gobble newly-hatched chicks or eggs.

Gory isn’t it?

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