The Tastings Room

A while ago, a couple of friends and I went to The Tastings Room at Marina Square because we got a Groupon deal for $10 for an egg dish on the brunch menu. It was pretty worth it because when I went back recently, each egg dish cost about $17.90 which is a cool approx $8 cheaper. I could have bought another two meals of hawker fare or one McDonalds meal.

It’s always Eggs Royale for me
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms

I like it that the Tastings Room bothered to put up a menu on their website as it allows patrons to check out their prices to see if the prices fall within their budget range. While as working adults, prices may not matter much to us, I’m sure students will appreciate this effort.

Mushroom soup – I believe that’s a foam of truffle which added to the fragrance of the soup. I love that there was a bite to the soup as it was chunky. Pretty small serving though.

We sat at the outdoor seating area but it wasn’t hot for us because the weather was pretty cool. Seeing how erratic Singapore’s weather is now, especially when we’re moving into the hot and dry periods, it might be better to sit inside!

That’s Earl Grey if you’re wondering

It’s been a while since I had the food but I did remember it being good!

The soup was gone really fast

Do check out their lunch menu which is easier on the pocket with each dish ranging about $13.90. I always think, what an irony, lunch is a “full” meal whereas brunch kinda has a “lighter” connotation to it yet brunch is wayyy more expensive. If you’re a fan of, there’s a one for one pasta promotion until 30 June. Quite quite affordable!

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