Two Chefs

While I was still schooling and hanging out in the west, Two Chefs was one of my favourite place to go head for awesome cze char which is not too expensive! Shared amongst say 3-4 person, I think $10 per person is suffice for each meal.

Two Chefs is at:
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129
Tel: 6472 5361

It can get pretty crowded at times, and it is rather inaccessible if you don’t drive. Do pick up a phone and ask for reservations. When my dad used to send me home from NUS, I used to make him drop by Two Chefs so i can pick up food for my grandma. She’s a fan of their food as well!

From top right clockwise: Butter pork ribs, Tofu with golden mushrooms, fried yam sticks
Emperor chicken

Some must eats:

1. Butter ribs: While you would have imagined Butter Ribs as meat floating in liquid butter sauce, it’s fried with some sort of powder that tastes more milky and butter. It’s one of their signature dishes and I don’t think you can find it anywhere else in SG.

2. Golden mushroom beancurd: Good beancurd with minced meat, golden mushrooms (which are my favourite type of mushrooms) and minced meat. The gravy goes super well with rice and the dish is usually scraped dry

3. Fried yam sticks: This is not too dry and the sweet caramelised fried skin goes well with the moist yam inside – My grandma loves this. This makes a great snack as well, something different from french fries.

Other enjoyable dishes: Spinach done with three types of eggs, Emperor Chicken

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