Raindrops Cafe

My friends and I are frequent shoppers at the weekend flea markets at *Scape. During one of our weekly trips, Jazreel and I stopped for a bite at Raindrops Cafe, a small snug cafe, just behind *Scape. The cafe is quite small, I think it can fit in a max of 25 people in the inside seating at one shot. The ambience looked like a pretty nice place to sit and chill at.

No pictures of the cafe interior itself guys, sorry! Somehow, when I do want to write about a place, there are too many people inside for me to take pictures without invading their privacy.

Since we had a quick brunch earlier, we stopped to grab a quick bite only. I liked their ice water – they put strawberries in the jugs of ice water so the water had a distinct strawberry after taste. I think it’ll be a good way to get my family to drink water.

Mushroom soup – $6

The mushroom soup serving was good enough to serve two. It was served with a slice of garlic bread that was too charred and grilled. I like that it was drizzled with truffle oil because I’m a fan of truffle! However, this soup was very milky and creamy such it tasted more like mushroom carbonara sauce. I think it would have been perfect as a pasta dish because it was so rich.

Shoestrong Truffle Fries – $10

Definitely not one of the better truffle fries I had as the truffle taste was not very strong. It was one of those fries that are fried in normal oil then sprinkled sparingly with truffle salt. However, the serving was big enough for three-four person comfortably.

The bill came up to about $17 for two items.

It’s a nice place to sit, chill and read a book or have a nice long catch up chat with your friends. They serve a range of alcoholic drinks as well. If I’m not wrong, they open until 2am. One for one drinks for boys on Wednedays (very seldom heard of!) and for girls on Thursdays. Everyone gets a 15% off on Mondays to kill those Monday blues! Order 6 mains at 40% off. Check out their Facebook Page for more promotions.

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