Deconstructed dress

One of my favourite past time is to drop by the flea markets during the weekends to check out what stuff people sell. On several occasions, I have managed to sift out blog shop dresses sold for a fraction of the original prices. On an occasion, I managed to get a dress at $10 (or maybe it was $12). I saw the exact same dress sold at a brick & motar blogshop.

I loved the vivid colours but the dress was way too short for me. I tried to pair it with leggings but it was unflattering as well.

Vivid colours!

I didn’t particularly liked the fitting of the top as well. Also, I thought that I could easily get any other cream top to go with the skirt so I decided to chop away the top.

Snip snip

I left sufficient cream cloth and folded in twice at the hem of the skirt to sew.

Folded in twice at the hem, pulled it tight and flat and sewed
How the hem looked like from inside
The hem has a “paperbag” kind of look
The final product

Of course, I did not do this alone. I stitched, maybe three stitches. My grandma is a pro at the needle and me, I just provided the directions. I could have done it myself (which would have taken ten years) or bring it to the seamstress, but like always, my grandma insisted on doing it herself.

The most difficult part about sewing this type of rubber-ised “paperbag” hemmed dress is that you would need to pull the rubber tight in order to sew in the hem without any excess cloth. My grandma and I did this together in an hour; I pulled the rubber while she sewed, all this done with watching her soap opera. My grandma is one amazing woman.

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