Dancers are actors

I remember vividly, a choreographer of mine said that all dancers are actors but not all actors are dancers. A lot of times, a dance item is set in a particular scene, where you have to act out the character. Most of these items are with my dance items with Raffles Hall because the items tend to lean more on the entertainment value side.

I’ve had some crazy costumes and the best ones are those from rag I swear. I wear rags (literally) but I still feel like a star!

In year 2010 for rag, I was a scientist from the past. This costume was super duper hot, I think I lost 1kg from all the sweat but it was the best costume ever. My vest was made from haversack, the eyelet hooks were from tin cans and the ruffles were from some table cloth. My little tool bag had cool handmade tools such as a compass and ruler.

Of course, no Nike then.

Year 2010
I was the star of the show – a scientist

It was a lot of acting and very little dancing
I had cool props like giant scissors

Out of context but at a DnD I was a sailor.

Sailor costume borrowed from a senior

In 2010, my hall did a typical school item.

That’s me on stage, forever disturbing people
Couldn’t resist sneaking a smile to the audience

In 2011, we put up an item about Maria the domestic helper who wanted to be a K-POP superstar. We choreographed with props such as dusters, brooms and rags.

“Good morning sir, good morning mdm. My name is Maria and I am a maid”
In the end, Maria made it as a K pop superstar and ditched her apron.



  1. shu

    November 30, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    I like the scientist outfit too!!

  2. Roger

    December 1, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Scientist outfit damn nice! Looks awesomely done!

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