Bali post trip recap

I was kind of inspired by Eat Pray Love to do a “mini retreat” in Bali. Instead of cramming many things into a day, I decided to take it slow and steady this time. The idea was to relax and take a breather from my hectic life.

My initial idea was to do a yoga & surf retreat. There are actually numerous resorts/villas offering the surf and yoga retreat options where you get everything under one roof such as yoga classes, surf lessons, all meals, spa/massage hours, awesome villa with a gorgeous pool. Of course these comes with a nice price tag, usually about USD2.5k and up for 7 days. If you have the cash to spare, it sounds like a luxurious spend!

After much Googling and research, it looks like the only place you can possibly do a surf and yoga lessons together in one location is Canggu. And from what I read online, it looks like Canggu is more suitable for experienced surfers.

It was probably going to be crazy to do both yoga and surf lessons together at the same time so I’m glad I made the practical decision to break up my retreat into different parts. Here’s a break down:

  • Day 1: Enroute Bali
  • Day 2- 5: Yoga classes in Ubud
  • Day 6: Canggu
  • Day 7: Kerobokan
  • Day 8 – 11: Surfing in Kuta
  • Day 12: Enroute SG

I managed to keep my entire trip to about SGD1 – 1.2k including all yoga and surf lessons, food, transport, accommodation and three massage sessions. My air tickets were about $280SGD via Air Asia so all in, my 12-day trip costs approximately SGD1.2 – 1.5k which I thought was pretty okay. I think you can probably shave off  another $300 (or more) if you’re a thrifty and frugal traveler.

If I had a chance to revisit my itinerary, I’d probably have spent day 7 in Canggu and skipped Kerobokan entirely. I’ll definitely love to head back to Kuta to surf again next time.

Hope to be not so backlogged this time…

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