Travel buddies #meowgershu

We started planning for our trip to Australia¬†quite early (or I’d like to think so), somewhere in March when we were slated to travel in October.

Yep we met up… for a grand total of one time and we were ready to travel with each other for 11D10N.

In our defense, we were old travel buddies.

Penang 2012


Hong Kong 2012


I think it makes a certain breed of friends to travel together and thankfully the three of us would have worked well.

  • Both of them can drive and value add in this point.¬†I am the loser driver who has a license but cannot drive.
  • Roger takes beautiful pictures and can read Google Maps
  • Shu just makes us laugh a lot with her ditzy-ness and takes care of $$$.
  • I am the planner of the group – I’m all about reading Lonely Planet, doing hell lots of research and memorising almost everything I can about each destination.

Do you have a couple of friends that you travel with too?


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