Taipei: Ping Xi line timetable and map, sky lantern tips

Prior to my trip, I searched high and low on the net for a map and timetable of Ping Xi line and I could not find them anywhere.

To get to Ping Xi

Taipei Main Railway –> Rui Fang

From Taipei Railway Main Station, purchase a ticket to Rui Fang to switch trains.  While you can purchase tickets on the day of, the recommendation is to purchase a day ahead so as to get reserved seats. The train ride takes about 30 minutes or so and costs approximately SGD3-5 maybe?

At Rui Fang, you will switch to Ping Xi line.

Ping Xi Line Map

The tricky thing about Ping Xi line is that the trains run infrequently. There is only one train that comes every hour. If you miss that train, you’d be stuck at that station for another hour. Try to be there at least 5 – 10 mins early.

The entire Ping Xi line map:

The typical stops are:

  • Hou Tong (aka Cat Village)
  • Shi Fen – where shops are beside the train tracks and a popular spot for releasing sky lanterns. Also a transit to Jiu Fen (another tourist hot spot)
  • Jing Tong – an old mining village
  • Ping Xi – alternate spot for sky lanterns and also a transit for Jiu Fen

Ping Xi Line Timetable

No idea how to read the Chinese characters and want the Ping Xi line timetable?

The timetable is quite self-explanatory. Look at the timing at the station, that is what time the train will depart. The trains are punctual, you can start boarding usually 5-10 minutes prior.

P.S. Click the image to download.

Direction: From Rui Fang to Jing Tong

As of October 2016, subject to changes

Direction: From Jing Tong to Rui Fang

As of October 2016, subject to changes

Tips for travelling Ping Xi Line

  •  Start at the station nearest to Rui Fang and hop further inland so that when you travel back to Taipei you’re at the end of the last station for more chances of snagging a seat.
  • If your last station is Ping Xi, do a bounce back: Travel to Jing Tong so that you can get a seat all the way to Rui Fang. It takes approximately 30 minutes from Jing Tong to Rui Fang.
  • Do this day trip on a weekday instead because even the locals flock here on weekends. Higher chances of scoring better pictures with lesser crowds!

  • If you intend to squeeze in Jiu Fen, do the Ping Xi early in the morning as travelling time takes a while. Personally, we did Ping Xi line and Jiu Fen on two separate days.
  • Sky lanterns are more expensive at Ping Xi (by maybe SGD5-10 more) but Ping Xi is also way less crowded than Shi Fen. We released our sky lantern around sun set and scored beautiful pictures.



  1. Nathania

    January 22, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    Hi, thanks for your blog! this helps me a lot to arrange my itinerary to Shifen line, especially for the Ruifang-Jingtong timetable!

    May i ask you several questions :
    – Did you go from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang station by TRA?
    – Can i use EASYCARD to board to the TRA and get the seat? or shall i purchase the ticket at the counter so can get a seat?

    – Do you know the TRA timetable from Taipei Main station to Ruifang station? How frequent is the train departing from Taipei main station? At least no need to wait for an hour like the train frequency from Ruifang – Jingtong, isnt it? I plan to take 7am or 7.30am TRA to ruifang station if possible, but i am not so sure about the TRA timetable there T.T

    – If using TRA, is it going to Ruifang straightly? or need to change in another train station first?

    – Where is the platform to Jingtong line in Ruifang station? Is the platform easy to find after going out from TRA at Ruifang station?

    Hope to get a reply from you >.<


    1. Nathania

      January 22, 2017 at 11:15 pm


      – after reach Ruifang station and want to board into Pingxi line (Shifen) , did you purchase the train ticket or can tap your EASYCARD only?

      Thanks ya 🙂

    2. meowsyy

      January 22, 2017 at 11:22 pm

      1. Yes, I took a TRA train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang. It is a straight train to Ruifang, no change required.
      2. Yes, I believe you can use the EasyCard to purchase tickets but you’d still need to purchase at the counter for a reserved seat.
      3. No idea re: timetable as I purchased tix 24hrs prior to have options. Check their website maybe?
      4. Pingxi line platform is within the station. There are signages and staff within the station to ask.
      5. I purchased the unlimited PingXi line tix at Taipei Main Station directly, the same time as I purchased my tix to Ruifang.

      1. Nathania

        January 23, 2017 at 12:14 am

        wow! thanks so much for your information, this really helps me >.<
        Hope you enjoy your trip in Taiwan previously.

        Have a great Monday!


      2. Vanessa Chia

        September 13, 2018 at 2:39 pm

        Hello Meowsyy!

        Really appreciate the information you have provided. I was so confused.

        For railway trains, we just have to show our tickets right? Sorry if my qn is funny but I am just so used to tapping ezlink card on mrt.

        Regarding number 4 and number 5, the pingxi line platform is within the station so no need to ‘tap out’ or go out kind? But when we board the train at Pingxi line, we have to show our tickets bought for Pingxi line?

        Will it be possible to walk the entire Pingxi line? Haha.

  2. meowsyy

    September 13, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    General travel on railways — use their version of ez-link. For PingXi line, there is a unlimited day-ticket for hop-on/hop off or you can buy tickets by stops, I don’t think you can tap here.

    There is a stop on PingXi line called PingXi. I cannot recall the set up of the station (if there are barricades for tapping) because I got the one-day unlimited tickets.

    The entire PingXi line is 30 mins from start to end. I doubt you can travel that on foot unless you spend the entire day walking.

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