A recap of 2017

It’s been a while since I did one of these so here’s the low down on what have been the top moments in 2017 for me.

2017 marked a year of growth for me. I was pushed to deal with more personalities (than I would have liked), discomfort and make bigger ‘adult’ decisions.

1. Finding my foothold (almost)

The Ann Siang Hill gang

One of my earliest highlights must have been finding a foothold in my career. It was a long six-month journey of finding the right fit amidst family health and caregiving issues. I found myself fitting into a new team at work.

It was also a stepping stone for me as I gained learning lessons in managing personalities, crisis communications real-time and get back to the grind of agency life.

That was where I gained some of my (now) closest friends.

I say almost, because later that year, I received an unexpected phone call to do something I’ve always wanted to try. It wasn’t the best timing but it was an opportunity I could not let go.

2. Yet another year older

I liken my birthday to another gathering for my old dance friends. We have a get-together, catch up with our past (year) happenings and sing me a birthday song!

3. Managed my first big-scale event

If you have read about it online, there was a torrential downpour on the first day. Throw in the crowds and the squeeze, you get a lot of FOMO complaints online.

4. Found time to travel

Started the year with an overland journey to Bangkok via public transport. I had food poisoning on the train, I think that will keep me off train rides for a while.

My roomie and I still joke about this. We spent the new year in a hotel room eating cup noodles.

We visited my sister who was on exchange in Osaka and stayed a night with her host family. It was my third time in Osaka but not complaining!

Found an amazing Villa Calmness in Batam for C’s 30th celebration in July. It is such a good price for a villa that nearby.

Caught the sunset in a DIY yoga/surf retreat in Bali in October.

5. Settled into life, in general

2017 was also the year that my family settled into new routines.

After a year of adjustments, we have found the sweet spot that the family has settled into. Grandma is a lot calmer, more open and even has a mobile phone that she plays games on every day.

I have also come to realise that I don’t need a lot in my life, just a few constants in my life to keep me going.

Most of my friends are moving into the next phase of life and that’s totally cool. I’ve come to terms with where I am in my life. I’m not going to catch up (hell no – I do not think I can deal with a baby now) and I am perfectly okay with that.

New Year, New Goals.

Hopefully by the end of 2018, I will look back at this post and check off my goals for the new year:

1️⃣ Bring my mum on one overseas trip
2️⃣ Try to buy a snack home for Grandma at least every other day (She looks forward to this)
3️⃣ Give my all in my new role – explore new terrains and get millennials watching
4️⃣ Keep up with my blog
5️⃣ Practise and create mini vlogs with my phone

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