Okinawa Itinerary

Travel tips

  1. Go with someone who has an international license. The central city of Naha is quite small and would entertain you for 1-2 day tops. Driving out of Naha will bring you to many more sights.
  2. Purchase an Okica travel card for public transport.
  3. It gets really really hot in the summer, dress light.
  4. Cards are widely accepted in Okinawa.


Heiwadori, also known as Peace Street, is an old school shopping district in Naha.

Day 1

  • Touch down Okinawa, airport transfer via Monorail
  • Check in Guest House Grand Naha
  • Explore Naha: Kokusai Street, Peace Street and Makishi
  • Check out Sports Depo, Apple Town (the supermarket) and Uniqlo
  • Dinner at Botanya
A beautiful beach, Chatan Park, by American Village.

Day 2

  • Pick up rental car
  • Check out American Village and the beach
  • Brunch at Taco Rice Kijimuna
  • Quick shopping at Aeon Rycom Mall
  • Awase Fish Market
  • Sunset at Cape Zanpa
  • Check in Designer Resort Nakadoma Inn

Day 3

A beautiful drive into Motobu
  • Yakiniku lunch (best meal of the trip)
  • Kayak and snorkeling tour with Aruguide at Blue Cape
  • Cape Maeda
  • Check in at ISA Guest House
  • Dinner at Ishinagu

Day 4

Paddling in the sea at Kouri Island.
  • Kouri Island
  • Seafood lunch
  • Churaumi Aquarium
  • Dinner at Sango Table

Day 5

A beautiful day at Tataki Waterfalls
  • Check out of hostel
  • River trekking at Tataki Falls
  • Cape Manzamo
  • Long drive back to Naha
  • Check in at Suminchu Hotel Maeshima
  • Yakitori dinner

Day 6

  • Brunch at Miso Marutama
  • Outlet shopping for me (which was bad)
  • Supermarket haul at San-A Naha Main Place

Day 7

  • Airport transfer via Didi App
  • Breakfast at Pork Tamago at Naha Airport
  • Flight back to Singapore

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